18 May 2016

Latest YouTube Videos

Hi, it's Kat, remember me? So I've been a bit MIA from this blog for a while and that's because I've been spending a lot of time over in YouTube land. As my first post back I thought I'd give you a little update on some of my latest videos and you can check out my channel here.


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11 Apr 2016

Review: Lime Crime Velvetines

Todays review is on the Lime Crime Velvetines. I bought one of their limited edition trio packs from Love Makeup. The set contains three different shades, they are Beet It, Buffy and Peacock. I've wanted to try some of the Lime Crime Velvetines for a while and when I saw the Peacock shade in this set I had to get it before it was gone.
Lime Crime Velvetines (2)
They came in this beautiful box, I love Lime Crime's packaging, it's so pretty. The lip products are then individually boxed inside this with the same pattern on and they display the name and colour on the top of the box.
Lime Crime Velvetines (1)
Each tube then has the blue rose pattern on the lid of the product with a clear tube so you can see the colour inside. It has a doe foot applicator and the consistency of the product is quite thin but they are very pigmented.
Lime Crime Velvetine Peacock (1)
Lime Crime Velvetine Buffy (1)
Lime Crime Velvetine Beet It (1)
Here's swatches of each of the colours after application, they do dry matte though after a couple of minutes. Colours are Peacock, Buffy and Beet It in that order.
Lime Crime Velvetines (3)
Lime Crime Velvetine Beet It (2)
Lime Crime Velvetine Buffy (2)
Lime Crime Velvetine Peacock (2)
When applying you need to make sure there is even layers over the lips or it will look a little patchy as you can kind of see with Peacock. Once they are dry they do not transfer and I found them to be really comfortable on the lips and not drying. They last for a really long time as well, I went out for the day wearing Beet It, ate a roast dinner and it was still on in the evening.

I'm really loving these right now and hopefully I can get more of the colours.

I bought this set for £31.50 from Love Makeup. They are no longer available as a set but you can buy Buffy and Beet It individually.

Have you tried anything from Lime Crime?


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1 Apr 2016

April 2016 Goals

Happy April Fools Day!

So March was a pretty rubbish month for me blogging wise as I only posted once. I think this is because I've really been getting into YouTube and I find it easier than blogging as I feel like I'm not very good at writing. I do really love blogging though so I want to continue with it but I'm going to reduce the amount of posts a week. I was doing three posts a week but I'm now going to do two on Monday and Friday and hopefully I can get back into blogging again.

Onto my goals for April:

Get back to blogging and post twice a week

Finish reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix



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9 Mar 2016

Pink Smokey Makeup Look

Pink Smokey Makeup Look
Miss Beauty Concealer in Light


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