31 Oct 2013

Halloween Nails: Jack Skellington

Happy Halloween!

I know I haven't posted since last week but we were having new windows fitted and I couldn't actually get to my computer or much of my stuff for the whole weekend, it was a nightmare! I think I am addicted to my computer.

So, today is Halloween, one of my favourite holidays and I have done some Halloween nails of Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's quite simple as I'm not too good at doing nail art yet.
Halloween Nails: Jack Skellington
It's not a brilliant photo as I seemed to have smudged the black when I applied the top coat, I should have left it to dry for longer. Grrr, it's so annoying.

I've only done one nail so far as I'm off to visit my sister today who lives in Oxford but I wanted to get this posted.

Have a spooky Halloween.


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