16 Nov 2013

Makeup: Avon Eyeshadow Glow Teal

I haven't done any make up posts for a while so here's one on how I applied the Avon Eyeshadow Quad Glow Teal. Sometimes I only use a couple of the eyeshadows from a quad palette but this time I used all 4.

Avon have recently re-designed the style of their eyeshadow palettes and I quite like how they look now.
Makeup: Avon Eyeshadow Glow Teal
This is the first time I've actually used this quad.

I applied shadow 1 (lightest) as a highlighter to the brow bone. Shadow 2 (brown) I applied to my lid from the inner corner to about half way across. Shadow 3 (blue) I applied to my lid aswell but starting from half way across and to the outer corner of the eye. Then I applied shadow 4 (dark blue) to the crease and also lined around my eye a bit. Lastly I applied some black eye liner and mascara.

Here's the finished look.
Makeup: Avon Eyeshadow Glow Teal
It took me ages to try to photograph a close up of my eye that looked decent. I think it shows the colours quite well.


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