27 Jun 2014

Haul: Primark

I wanted to post this up on Monday but then my computer decided to get sick and needed to go to PC hospital aka my dad. I finally got it back yesterday so here are my Primark purchases that I bought recently.

I bought 3 makeup products from their new range. 

I was just going to buy the eyeliner pen as I need a new one but while I was looking at the makeup I thought I'd grab a brow pencil to try out and some coloured eye pencils. The eyeliner was £1.50, the brow pencil was £1 and the eyeliners were £1, so cheap!

I will try these out and get a post up on these soon.
Haul: Primark
Next up I bought 3 clothing items.

As soon as I saw this top hanging up I had to get it, I love ponies and these just look so cute. It has mesh sleeves and some little black diamantes on the ponies eye. It's kind of a long loose top so I may wear this with some leggings. This was in the sale and only £3.
Haul: Primark
I bought this gorgeous floral dress, I love this style of dress and the colours are really pretty. This will be perfect to wear in the summertime. This was £5.
Haul: Primark
You can't really tell from the photo but this next dress is neon yellow and really bright. I can't wait to wear this dress as I think the shape of it will look really lovely on. This was £5.
Haul: Primark


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