2 Jun 2014

Review: Avon Aero Volume Mascara

I've got another Avon mascara which has recently come out, it's the Aero Volume Mascara. This mascara is inspired by aerospace technology and built with lightweight fibres which volumise and lift the lashes. It has long fibres which distribute evenly across the lashes so it's not as heavy on the lashes.

It's got lovely blue packaging and a star shaped bristle brush. I got the shade Blackest Black for £5 as they have an offer on currently, it will normally be £8.50.
Avon Aero Volume Mascara
Avon Aero Volume Mascara
Since I bought the L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara I don't think any other mascara is going to top that at the moment in my opinion. Although if I don't want my lashes looking too dramatic then this new Avon mascara will be perfect.
Avon Aero Volume Mascara
I applied 2 coats of the mascara and it does lift the lashes slightly and give them more volume. I found it seperated the lashes quite well and they didn't clump together. Supposedly this mascara is not as heavy on the lashes and I think this is true as unless I look in the mirror I can't really tell I'm wearing mascara. 


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