15 Sept 2014

Review: Avon Supershock Brights Mascara in Emerald

The last time I wore coloured mascara was probably when I was a teenager and I thought it looked a bit weird on then but now I'm older and know more about makeup so I'm sure I can make it work somehow.

I don't think I've actually tried a green mascara before so when I saw Avon had released some new coloured mascaras I had to give the green one a try.
I wouldn't say the shade is very bright like the name suggests. I think this makes it a bit more wearable though as it's not as noticeable and would probably be a good way to introduce some colour into your makeup look if you're not used to it.
This mascara has a rubber wand and I it good at separating my lashes and not clumping them together. I did find that it took a while to coat the lashes and I had to apply 3 coats to get the coverage in the below photo. If I had the patience I could build it up so the colour is more intense.
I really love wearing black mascara so I'd probably just wear this green mascara on my bottom lashes to add a hint of colour to a makeup look.

You can buy this from Avon for £8.50.

Have you ever worn coloured mascaras?


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