19 Oct 2014

Makeup: Jessica Rabbit

Halloween's nearly here, one of my favourite holidays. This year I wanted to do some Halloween looks for you so first up is a Jessica Rabbit look. I actually went as Jessica Rabbit to a party about 4 years ago, I love the look and thought I'd do it again.

The makeup is quite easy really as she just wears some purple eyeshadow with red lips. Here's the look I created and you can find the products I used at the end of this post.
Unfortunately the dress I used for this look doesn't fit me at the moment so I can't show you it on. All you need though is a red dress (you can find some here, here and here), a pair of red shoes (you can find some here and here) and some purple gloves (you can find some here and here).

Nyx Box Of Eyeshadows in light purple and dark purple


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