21 Oct 2014

Review: Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara

Mascara is probably one of my favourite makeup products as it can instantly make your eyes look bigger and better. I saw the Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara in Superdrug and thought I'd give it a try as I've seen it mentioned on some blogs lately and I love trying new mascaras.
Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara (1)
I'm not entirely sure what colour the tube is, maybe a coppery colour, other than that it's a pretty basic mascara tube. The wand is kinda fat with plastic bristles which I actually prefer to the normal bristle wands.
Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara (2)
I found the mascara really easy to apply and I think it coated everyone of my lashes, even the little ones. The mascara didn't clump at all and it separated my lashes wonderfully.
Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara (3)
Without mascara
Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara (4)
With mascara
I applied 2 coats of mascara for the above effect. As you can see it really lengthens the lashes. It doesn't thicken the lashes as much as I'd like but maybe with a few more coats that would help.

You can buy this for £7.99 from Superdrug.

It's a good mascara and perfect if you want to lengthen your lashes. I'll probably wear this day to day but it's not my favourite at the moment.

Have you tried this mascara? Let me know what you think of it?


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