7 Dec 2014

Wishlist #17 Dunelm Christmas Decorations

This year will be the first Christmas in my own little flat which means I now need to buy some decorations for the place. I just bought a Christmas tree last week and I can't wait to put it up and start making my flat look all festive.
Todays wishlist is all about decorations and I've selected some from Dunelm which I'd like to get.
Dunelm Christmas Decorations
Silver Tinsel - 99p
Candle Bridge - £12.99
Wreath - £9.99
Gingerbread Man Candle - £4.99
Gingerbread Man Doorstop - £4.99
50 Silver Baubles - £4.99
Snowglobe - £4.99
Star House Lantern - £7.99

Have you started putting up your decorations yet?


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