31 Jul 2015

PurrBox: July 2015

Another PurrBox is here for the month of July. I did cancel my PurrBox subscription but I must have missed the cut off for this months box. I'm still glad I got it though as my kitties love the toys and treats they get.
PurrBox July 2015
Inside this months box:
Webbox Cats Delight Cheese Mini Stick
KitNips Salmon Crunchy Cat Treats
KONG Kitten Catnip Mice
Teabag Toy
Cat Grass

I've given them the treats a couple of times now and they gobble them down so they obviously like them, although Fudge eats absolutely everything, he's so greedy. Both kitties liked playing with the little mice and were batting them around for ages. I managed to get a clear photo of Cookie playing with one of the mice while he messed up my rug. Fudge also loves playing with the little tea bag toy and it's now missing some of it's feathers.
PurrBox July 2015 (2)
This month I grabbed the catnip pouch out the box rather quickly before Fudge had a chance to rip it open so I'll let them play with that sometime through the month.

This will be my last PurrBox for a while until I sort my money then I will definitely be starting it back up.

What do you think of PurrBox?


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