9 Jul 2015

PurrBox: June 2015

I've only got the PurrBox for a few times but I really like it and my cats do too. June's box is the first I've received since getting my new kitten Fudge and he was in there straight away as you can see.
Purrbox June 2015
Included in this box was:
All For Paws Green Rush toys - filled with catnip
Whiskas Chicken Sticks
Cat grass
Catnip seeds

I barely got a chance to take the stuff out the box before Fudge was in there and attacking the catnip pouch, he managed to get it all over the place. Fudge and Cookie loved the new toys which look like pea pods, kinda weird but funny. They liked the treats as well and I also shared these with my mums cat who loved them.

I'm not sure if I'll try growing the catnip with the seeds as I tried growing the cat grass before and it creeped me out when the seeds started sprouting and the roots everywhere, does anyone else get weirded out like that or is it just me.

Overall this has been a pretty good box and I can't wait for the next one.

What do you think of PurrBox?


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