7 Aug 2015

Book Review: House Of Echoes by Barbara Erskine

I thought I'd start doing some book reviews as I love reading and usually read a couple of books a month so here we go with my first book.
Book Review House Of Echoes by Barbara Erskine
Title House of Echoes
Author Barbara Erskine
430 pages
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Joss Grant is eager to begin a new life when she inherits Belheddon Hall. She brings her husband, Luke and their small son, Tom, to the dilapidated house, and sets about discovering her family roots which lie in the village.

But not long after they move in, Tom wakes screaming at night. Joss heard echoing voices and senses an invisible presence, watching her from the shadows. Are they spirits from the past? Or is she imagining them? As she learns, with mounting horror, of Belheddon's tragic and dramatic history, her fear grows very real, for she realises that both her family and her own sanity are at the mercy of a violent and powerful energy which seems beyond anyone's control.

I borrowed this book off my mum as the synopsis sounded interesting. I love watching scary films but I don't think I've read an actual scary book so thought I'd see what this was like.
It's a classic ghost story set in a haunted old house in England. I love that this story is set in England as most of the books I've read are set in America, it's nice to read something set in my country. I didn't actually find this book to be that scary though, it was a bit creepy in parts but as I was reading it I was constantly waiting for it to get scary. I did enjoy reading this though and I thought it was really well written so I may read some of her other books.

Do you have any scary book recommendations?


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