6 Nov 2015

Sticker Haul #1

Recently I've been seeing a lot of YouTube videos on decorating your planner with stickers. I already have a small sticker collection and they have just been sitting in my stationery box so after seeing these videos I thought I could start decorating my planner with them. I also found a lot more stickers I want to get on Etsy so I will gradually be buying them but for now here's my first sticker haul from three Etsy stores.

The first store is PlanWithJade where I spent £10.01. I bought some blogging and social media icons for planning out my blog stuff each week. I love cute little gingerbread men so when I saw these decorative boxes I had to get them to use at Christmas time. I wanted to make my order at least £10 so I added a little kitty pen which I will be using to write in my planner.
PlanWithJade Stickers
The next store is xsugarhuix where I spent £10.64. All these stickers are just decorative, they're cute and pretty so I had to get them. I got a couple Disney princess themed sheets, a Wizard of Oz sheet, a Piggy Girl sheet and some cute kitty flake stickers.
xsugarhuix‏ Stickers
The last store is CuteThingsFromJapan where I spent £8.59. Again these are all decorative stickers, Ariel is my favourite Disney princess so I had to get some of these stickers, I think they might have a few others which I will also need to get. I got some Halloween decorative boxes which I was going to use this Halloween but I didn't get round to it so I may save them for next year or just use them throughout the year.
CuteThingsFromJapan Stickers (1)
Also from the same shop, they sent some freebies in a cute Halloween packet. There was a little thank you note, some flakes of stickers in a pretty envelope, some washi tape samples and a mini chocolate which was delicious.
CuteThingsFromJapan Stickers (2)
I love all the stickers that I bought and I can not wait to buy some more from these shops so keep a look out for more sticker hauls in the future.

Do you have a planner you decorate?



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