29 Jan 2014

Nails: Avon Leopard Print Nail Tips

Last year I bought some leopard print nail tip stickers from Avon. I decided to try them out this week as I wanted to do something different on my nails.
Avon Leopard Print Nail Tips
You can just apply them straight to your nails but I thought I'd use a colour underneath so I chose Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Greenberry as I think it looks quite nice with pink.

They were a bit difficult to apply as you need to get them in the right position pretty much straight away as if you start peeling them off to re-position then they start to come apart a bit.
Avon Leopard Print Nail Tips
I think they look quite nice, what do you think?


24 Jan 2014

Fantasy Friday Makeup: Panda Lips

A while ago (probably over a year) I saw the below image in a magazine and as I love panda's so I kept it to try out one day. Today was the day I finally decided to try it.
Panda Lips
It doesn't take very long to do and you only need 2 products. I used Stargazer Foundation in White and Collection Liquid Eyeliner in Black.
Panda Lips
Here's how it came out
Panda Lips
It's quite a fun look so would be good for a fancy dress party.

I'm also wearing my lovely panda jumper today to match.
Would you wear this kind of makeup?


22 Jan 2014

Glossybox: Wedding Edition 2014

I'm not getting married or going to a wedding but I wanted to get this box as it's got a few makeup products in. I thought I'd try out the products and doing a wedding makeup using the them.
Glossybox Wedding Edition
I love the pretty paper they used and they even put rose petals in the box.
Glossybox Wedding Edition

Beauty Bird - Yes, I Do!
Beauty Bird - Yes, I Do!
This is a light pink polish which provides a subtle colour on the nails.

Becca - Shimmering Skin Perfector
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector
This works as a primer, an illuminator when mixed with foundation or as a highlighter. I mixed this with my foundation and it gave a light shimmer to my skin.

Bellapierre Cosmetics - Volumizing Mascara Black
Bellapierre Cosmetics - Volumizing Mascara Black
This mascara creates longer, thicker lashes and it's not clumpy. I quite like this, it was really lovely to put on my lashes.

Modelco - Lip Duo Dusk Lipstick and Striptease Gloss
Modelco - Lip Duo Dusk Lipstick and Striptease Gloss
This contains a lipstick and lip gloss. The lipstick is called Dusk and is quite a dark nude colour. The gloss is called Striptease and is a light nude colour. I applied them separately but if you wanted you could put the gloss over the lipstick for a nice glossy look.

Naobay - Moisturizing Facial Peeling
Naobay - Moisturizing Facial Peeling
This is a facial milk made with Acai Palm Tree particles, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Gotu Kola extract. It gently exfoliates the skin and removes impurities, helps reduce fine lines and soothes the skin. You just rub onto the skin and then rinse it off leaving your face feeling refreshed.

Nyx - One Night In Morocco
Nyx - One Night In Morocco
This contains 8 matte eyeshadows perfect for a smokey look, an eye base and 4 lip colours. I used the white, cream, light brown and dark brown.
Nyx - One Night In Morocco
Here's the full makeup look with the lipstick...
Wedding Makeup
...and here's the look with the lip gloss.
Wedding Makeup
Also, you may have noticed that I've had my hair cut. I liked it long but it was starting to get a bit annoying so I decided to go for the chop and probably had about half my hair cut off. It's also got a kind of ombre look too from when I had my hair coloured about a year ago.

I just realised I totally forgot to put blusher on with the makeup. I was going to apply Nyx blusher in Peach.

What do you think of the wedding look and my new haircut?


17 Jan 2014

Fantasy Friday Makeup: Frosty

I thought I'd start up a weekly series of makeup posts as I love to experiment with makeup. Every Friday I'll be posting a fantasy makeup design, basically anything that you wouldn't usually wear outside unless it's to a fancy dress party.

Today I wanted to start off with a frosty makeup as it's quite cold and I really want it to snow. I didn't really plan out what I was going to do, I just kinda made it up as I went along.
Frosty Makeup
Frosty Makeup
I would have liked to put some false eyelashes on but I don't have any blue or white ones at the moment. I think they would have looked quite nice though.


11 Jan 2014

Skincare Routine

Everyone wants their skin to look and feel as good as it can for as long as it can so you need to have a good skincare routine and do it everyday (sometimes I am a bit lazy and just use a face wipe though).

Here's my skincare routine:

Avon Extra Lasting Makeup Remover
Avon Extra Lasting Makeup Remover
If I'm wearing makeup then I'll use this first to remove it. This is the best makeup remover I have used so far. It can take off eyeshadow with just one wipe, it's amazing.

Skintruth Soothing Cleanser
Skintruth Soothing Cleanser
Next I'll use a cleanser and I actually got this one when I did my makeup course. It's pretty good so I'll continue to use this until it runs out then I'll search through my stash for another cleanser.

Garnier Soothing Toner
Garnier Soothing Toner
Next up is a toner to remove any excess dirt. I like the Garnier brand which is why I bought this toner, I already use their face wipes so thought I'd give this a try. It's gentle on the skin so perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
I don't put this on everyday as sometimes I just forget about it. I got this from one of my Glossybox's and it's great for gently moisturising around the delicate eye area.

Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refiner
Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refiner
I love this and I have quite a few of these little sample bottles stored away. I don't apply this all over my face, just on my t-zone mainly and it minimises my pores lovely.

Estee Lauder Daywear Plus
Estee Lauder Daywear Plus
Lastly I'll apply some moisturiser. I recently finished my last moisturiser, I think it was Nivea (I've thrown it away already so can't remember now). I have a couple of pots of this moisturiser stored away so thought I'd start using them. Estee Lauder skin products are really good but they are a bit expensive for me.

Do you keep up with a good skincare routine?


8 Jan 2014

Perfume Collection

Today I thought I'd show you my perfume collection. I don't have a huge collection as I haven't got much space on my drawers.
Perfume Collection
Curious by Britney Spears
This has a floral, aquatic, fruity scent.
Top notes: magnolia, pear, lotus.
Middle notes: tuberose, cyclamen, jasmine.
Base notes: sandalwood, musk, white woods, vanilla.

Outspoken Fresh by Fergie
This has a fruity, tropical scent.
Notes: Litchi, guava, peach, jasmine, orange blossom, magnolia, iris, sandalwood.

Secret Fantasy by Avon
This has a floral, woody scent.
Top notes: apple, strawberry, watery notes.
Middle notes: jasmine, lilac, freesia.
Base notes: sandalwood, amber, white musk.

Secret Fantasy Star by Avon
This has a sweet, fruity scent.
Top notes: mandarin orange, plum.
Middle notes: jasmine, peony.
Base notes: sandalwood.

Secret Fantasy Kiss by Avon
This has a sweet, fruity, floral scent.
Top notes: blackberry, green apple, mango.
Middle notes: rose petals, magnolia, violet.
Base notes: sandalwood, amber, moss.

Parisienne by YSL
This has a fruity, floral scent.
Top notes: cranberry, blackberry, vinyl.
Middle notes: violet, peony, damask rose.
Base notes: vetyver, musk, sandalwood, patchouli.

Love and Glamour by J Lo
This has a fresh, fruity, sweet scent.
Top notes: mandarin orange, guava, nectarine.
Middle notes: jasmine, african orange flower, water lily, orchid.
Base notes: musk, sandalwood, amber.

Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette by L'Occitane
This has a fresh, floral scent.
Top notes: cherry, freesia, blackcurrant
Middle notes: cherry blossom, lily of the valley.
Base notes: rosewood, amber, musk.

G Of The Sea by Harajuku Lovers
I wanted this perfume mainly for the bottle as I love mermaids and it's so cute. It has a fresh, fruity, aquatic scent.
Top notes: red apple, wild berries, water lily.
Middle notes: jasmine, freesia, peony.
Base notes: woodsy notes, amber, musk.

As you can see I quite like fruity and sweet perfumes.

What kind of perfumes do you like?


1 Jan 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a sparkling New Year.

I've been quite busy the past week so I haven't posted some things that I wanted.

First off is the makeup I wore on Christmas Day, I went for green and gold on the eyes (I wanted to use glitters but I didn't have any so had to settle for shimmers) and a new red lipstick I bought, Avon Shine Attract Lipstick Shimmer Finish in Red Smoulder.
Christmas 2013 Makeup
Christmas 2013 Makeup
Also a photo of my Christmas presents, I didn't get loads but I love them all. I finally got The Little Mermaid on DVD which I love! And some panda pyjamas!!
I didn't actually do anything exciting for New Year, I just went to bed like normal about 10pm, hopefully next year I'll be able to go out.

So it's now 2014 and time to think up some New Years Resolutions, I do this every year but never complete them so this year I'm determined to do it. I only have a couple so far but I'll probably think of some more.
  • Get a job I enjoy
  • Get fit and healthy (I've started doing the Blogilates workouts already)

Are you making any resolutions this year?

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