11 Feb 2014

Valentines Week: Shoes

So, my nails from yesterday haven't lasted long, most of the gems have fallen off already, I'll probably have to be more careful with what I do when I wear them.

Anyway onto today's post, I thought I'd show you a pair of shoes I have which would be perfect for Valentine's day. I have to admit that I haven't actually worn these yet and I've probably had them about 2 years. They are just so lovely and my favourite brand of shoes, Irregular Choice. They have red hearts all over them and a cute little bow at the front. Gorgeous!!!
Irregular Choice Heart Shoes
They are super high, the heel is 5 inches and they don't even have a platform. 

Irregular Choice also do all sorts of patterns on the bottom of their shoes, this pair has a lovely flowery pattern, it's so pretty.
Irregular Choice Heart Shoes
Irregular Choice Heart Shoes
The little lines on my legs are actually from some socks, I didn't notice them until after I took the photos.

I'm not actually doing anything for Valentine's day so maybe I'll just wear these around the house.


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