1 Jun 2014

Wishlist #1

Wishlist #1
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There's so many things that I want to buy and I thought I'd show you a few of them each week to give you an insight into the kind of things I like.

1 - I really like Cher Lloyd's latest single Sirens so want to get her album to see what the rest of her songs are like.

2 - I just think this bag is so pretty, it's pink and cream and has little bow on it.

3 - I'm not usually that into Kate Moss's collection for Topshop but this white dress looks lovely, it would be perfect for the summer and I think it would be suitable for day and night.

4 - I think this top and skirt is so cute, I probably wouldn't actually wear it at the moment but once I've lost a bit more weight I'd love to wear this in the summer.

5 - I was just browsing on Etsy and found this cute ice cream necklace which is also scented, I so want to get one of these.

6 - I think this bikini is just gorgeous, I wouldn't look as good as the model in it but it's just lovely.

7 - Of course I want these pyjamas, they have panda's on which I'm obsessed with.


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