15 Jun 2014

Wishlist #3

Wishlist #3
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1 - I actually found this quite a while ago but it looks really pretty and would be perfect for daytime or nighttime.

2 - This is the new MAC eyeshadow quad from the Kelly Osbourne collection which I think looks amazing. These eyeshadow colours look really lovely and the lilac packaging is so pretty, I really want to get something from this collection.

3 - I saw a swatch of this eyeshadow on a another blog (which I can't remember now) but it just looks gorgeous and I do love my green eyeshadows.

4 - I don't have many jackets/blazers as I'm really fussy but this one is lovely, I'm really into florals lately and the style looks really flattering.

5 - I absolutely love heels and these look so pretty with the floral design and straps. You can never have too many shoes.

6 - I so need this, my under eye dark circles are quite bad so hopefully this will lighten them up for me and I can look less like a zombie.


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