4 Jul 2014

Favourites: June 2014

I haven't got that many favourites from June as I feel like the month just flew by and I hadn't really used or done much.

Rimmel BB Cream Matte - I've been loving wearing this in June as it's much lighter than wearing foundation but it still gives you a bit of coverage. I use the matte version as I have quite oily skin. Read my post on this here.
Favourites: June 2014
Shorts - I haven't actually been outside that much in June but I've been loving wearing shorts a lot indoors due to the warmer weather it gets quite warm in my room. I've been wearing a few pairs from Primark which are rather comfy.

Here's a few of the pairs I've been wearing. (The bottom two are actually pj bottoms but I've only been wearing them inside.) 
Favourites: June 2014
Chokablok Cookie Dough Mon-Star Ice Cream - This has got to be my favourite ice cream at the moment, I've had 3 tubs already the last month, it is so yummy!! It has chunks of choc chip cookie dough, chocolate stars, caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Some songs that I'm been loving this month are:

What have you been loving in June? 


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