30 Sept 2014

Favourites: September 2014

I missed doing the last couple of months favourites but I'm back with my September favourites.
P.S.Love Felt Pen Liner
This has got to be one of the best pen liner's that I've used so far and I have used this so much the past couple of months. Pretty much every time I've used liner I've gone for this one. It's got quite a small nib and it applies really smoothly so it's easy to do a thin line or build it up for a thicker line.

I received this in a Glossybox a few months back and since I finished my Vaseline pot I've been using it everyday for the past month. I actually prefer this to Vaseline as I find it's more moisturising on my lips.

Since I bought this album last month I have been listening to it pretty much non stop. I love every song on the album especially Don't Stop, Voodoo Doll and English Love Affair.
I'm so glad I bought this colour corrector. I've been using it everyday under my eyes and it really helps with my dark circles. It lightens the area so my dark circles are less noticeable and then my concealer covers them so much better.
My new kitty has got to be a favourite this month and every month since I got him. I'm so happy I was able to get him as I've wanted a Ragdoll for so long. He's just the cutest and fluffiest kitty ever. 
Cinnamon Bun
I never really liked cinnamon buns before but my mum bought one a few weeks ago so I had a bite and now I'm obsessed. They are so delicious and I've probably had about 6 in the last few weeks. I could just eat them all the time.

What have your favourites been this month?


29 Sept 2014

Review: MONDSS Underarm Wear

I was recently contacted by a company called MONDSS asking if I'd like to try out their product Underarm Wear*. I'd never heard of this company before but was quite interested to see what this Underarm Wear was like.

What is Underarm Wear?
It's a natural, discreet and secure solution to underarm perspiration. It adheres to your skin, absorbs and prevents perspiration marks from getting on your clothes, locks in odour and is comfortable to wear. The Underarm Wear is a self-adhesive which applies directly to the skin, it's a breathable and hygienic disposable product.

The product comes in an orange box which contains 10 pieces of Underarm Wear. One box costs €9.99 and postage is €1.60 to Ireland and €2.50 to everywhere else.
The actual product looks a bit like a giant plaster but is shaped to fit under your arm.
The first time I applied this I had a bit of difficulty and ended up throwing it away as it lost it's stickiness so you really need to get it in the right position first time. The box contains instructions so definitely follow them until you've got the hang of it. The product felt a bit weird at first but it wasn't uncomfortable and after a while I just got used to it and kind of forget it was there. It really works though and I'm quite impressed. I actually wore this to a job interview on Saturday and I'm so glad I did as I had major anxiety and was sweating like crazy but the Underarm Wear kept me dry and there were no sweat patches on my clothes. They aren't too difficult to remove either as you just peel them off like plasters.

It's not something I'd wear everyday but great for warm days, interviews, special occasions and any time you don't want perspiration marks on your clothes.

What do you think? Would you wear these?

*Product was sent to me


24 Sept 2014

Makeup: Shimmer Eyes

Tonight I'm going out for dinner for my younger sisters birthday, I can't believe she's 17 today. I'm not sure where we are going yet but here's the makeup that I'm wearing.
Nyx Shine Killer
Rimmel Foundation in Light Porcelain
Maxfactor Colour Corrector in Yellow
Collection Concealer in Fair
MAC Transparent Powder
Sleek Face Form in Fair
Makeup Revolution Eye Primer
Sleek i-Divine Palette Oh So Special in Bow, Gateau, Celebrate
Avon Kohl Eyeliner in True Black
L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara in Black
Makeup Revolution Blush in Now!


23 Sept 2014

Haul: Superdrug

I had to go over to Lakeside yesterday to get some bits and while I was there I couldn't resist popping into Superdrug to have a look at the makeup. I picked up some items from MUA and Makeup Revolution so I didn't spend too much money which is good as I haven't got much at the moment.
I bought 2 lipsticks from MUA in the shades Tulip and Persian Rose which are both pink shades. I haven't tried any lipsticks from MUA before so I'm looking forward to seeing what these are like. These were only £1 each.

Then from Makeup Revolution I bought their Ultra Face Base Foundation in 02 which is their lightest shade and I'm hoping this will match my skin. This was £3. I also got their Awesome Double Flick Liquid Eyeliner which will be super handy as it has a thin end and a thick end. This was £3.50.

Have you tried any of these products?


19 Sept 2014

Outfit: Smart Leopard

I've been looking for a job the past couple of months so I've started thinking about what I could wear to work (depending on the dress code). I like my work outfits to be a bit more fun and colourful so today I picked out this leopard pencil skirt and it's just below your knees so a suitable length for work (I actually wore this at my previous job in an office). To go with skirt I chose this green top as it's so comfy and I think it looks really flattering on. Then to finish off the outfit some black patent heels.
Top - F&F, Similar
Skirt - Select, Similar
Shoes - Not sure, Similar


17 Sept 2014

Makeup: Berry Lips

I was going through my lipstick drawer the other week and came across a few darker lipsticks that I haven't worn much or at all so with Autumn here it's the perfect time to get them out.

For this look I've gone for a very simple nude eye so the attention is all on the dark berry lips.
Maybelline Baby Skin
Rimmel Foundation in Light Porcelain
Maxfactor Colour Corrector in Yellow
Collection Concealer in Fair
MAC Transparent Powder
Sleek Face Form in Fair
Makeup Revolution Eye Primer
Nyx Box Of Eyeshadows in Brown, Cream
Avon Infinitize Mascara in Black
Maybelline Master Kajal Khol Liner
Makeup Revolution Blush in Treat


15 Sept 2014

Review: Avon Supershock Brights Mascara in Emerald

The last time I wore coloured mascara was probably when I was a teenager and I thought it looked a bit weird on then but now I'm older and know more about makeup so I'm sure I can make it work somehow.

I don't think I've actually tried a green mascara before so when I saw Avon had released some new coloured mascaras I had to give the green one a try.
I wouldn't say the shade is very bright like the name suggests. I think this makes it a bit more wearable though as it's not as noticeable and would probably be a good way to introduce some colour into your makeup look if you're not used to it.
This mascara has a rubber wand and I it good at separating my lashes and not clumping them together. I did find that it took a while to coat the lashes and I had to apply 3 coats to get the coverage in the below photo. If I had the patience I could build it up so the colour is more intense.
I really love wearing black mascara so I'd probably just wear this green mascara on my bottom lashes to add a hint of colour to a makeup look.

You can buy this from Avon for £8.50.

Have you ever worn coloured mascaras?


12 Sept 2014

Outfit: Autumn's Coming

Today I wanted to go a bit more autumn-y so I decided to wear my suede lace up boots and dark red skater skirt. You can't really tell from the photo but my top has little tiger faces on and as it's starting to get a bit chilly I teamed this with a leather jacket. When it get's even colder I'd also add a pair of tights to this outfit to keep me all toasty.
Top - F&F
Skirt - New Look, Similar
Jacket - Red Herring, Similar
Boots - Schuh, Similar


3 Sept 2014

Makeup: Reddish Brown Smokey Eye

For todays makeup look I've gone for a reddish brown smokey eye with nude lips.
Maybelline Baby Skin
Rimmel Foundation in Light Porcelain
Maxfactor Colour Corrector in Yellow
Collection Concealer in Fair
MAC Transparent Powder
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer
Sleek Face Form in Fair
Nyx Box of Eyeshadows in Brown
Micabella Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in Intelligence
Kryolan Satin Powder in SP555
Avon Aero Volume Mascara in Blackest Black
Nyx Kohl Kajal Black Liner 
Estee Lauder Blush in Nude Nuance
The Body Shop Lipstick in 11 Nude Allure

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