14 Oct 2014

Haul: Superdrug #2

I've bought quite a few makeup products from Superdrug lately, I just can't resist buying makeup. The bulk of my haul is Makeup Revolution so we'll start with that.
Also from Makeup Revolution I got their Baked Merged Eyeshadow in Moon Dust for £1.50 and Redemption Palette Iconic 3 for £4. Then I got Rimmel's Wonder'full Mascara for £7.99.
Lastly I bought a few items from I Heart Makeup. I got their Goddess Of Love Triple Baked Highlighter for £4.99, Lip Geek Lipstick in Baby Doll for £2.99 and Lip Geek Lipstick in Totally Not Boring for £2.99

I can't wait to try these products out, have you tried any of these yourself?


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