17 Oct 2014

Review: Sleek Blush in Life's A Peach

This is the first Sleek blusher I've bought apart from the one that's included in my Face Form Palette. I saw this in the shop and thought the colour was really lovely. Like the name suggests, the blusher is a peach shade but quite a vibrant peach.
The packaging is very plain, just black with Sleek's logo on the top but I quite like it. There's a mirror included in the lid which is quite a decent size so will be handy for on the go.

The blusher looks quite bright in the packaging but when it's applied it comes out more muted and you can build it up for a more intense colour. I used a blusher brush to apply this and it blended out really nicely on my skin.
The blusher has a matte finish on the skin. The wear time is really good as it lasted on my cheeks pretty much the whole day. Although I find blushers stay on my skin quite well anyway.

You can buy this for £4.49 from Superdrug.

I think this is a really lovely blusher and I'm sure I'll be buying more blushers from Sleek in the future.

What do you think of the Sleek blushers?


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