2 Nov 2014

Wishlist #15 Beauty Accessories

Wishlist #15 Beauty Accessories

Purple Tangle Teezer - £9.69
I've wanted a Tangle Teezer for a while but just haven't got round to buying one yet and they have so many colour choices, I think I might go for this purple one though.

Vintage Cosmetics Bag - £14.95
I've been eyeing this cosmetic bag for ages but I'm just not sure if I can justify spending £15 on a makeup bag when I have quite a few already. I really love the design of this one though.

Zoeva Pink Brushes Eye Set - £56.95
Zoeva Pink Brushes Classic Set - £56.95
I don't own any Zoeva so can't say how good they are but I've seen lots of good reviews on them and now that they've come out with these pink sets I want them so bad!


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