22 Jan 2015

PurrBox: January 2015

In December I ordered a PurrBox for my cat Cookie as a Christmas present but unfortunately it never arrived. I contacted PurrBox and they were very helpful and offered to send me their January box with a Christmas treat included.

As soon as it arrived yesterday morning Cookie was sniffing the box like crazy, obviously something he liked in there. Once I opened it up he was right there sniffing it and rolling in it before I'd even managed to get the items out of the box.
Inside the Purrbox was:
3 mouse toys
Cat grass
Almo Nature cat food
Festive cat sticks
A mint for me
I have yet to try out the cat grass but I will do that at some point. Cookie loves the mice toys and has been playing with them a lot, he needs lots of toys to play with as he's an indoor cat. He can be a bit of a fussy eater so I wasn't sure it he'd like the treats and food included but he likes the cat sticks and he's eaten 2 already (1 a day). I gave him the food sachet for dinner and he's eaten it so he must have liked that too. The packet of catnip contains loose leaves and I'd like to give it to Cookie but I'm not sure how to as I don't want to just pour some on the floor as it will make a lot of mess. If any of you have any suggestions on this please let me know?

The PurrBox costs £9.95 and you can buy just a single box or get a monthly subscription. I just bought a single box to try but as Cookie likes it I'd love to sign up for the monthly box once I've sorted out my money and can afford it.

Have you tried PurrBox or any other pet boxes?


8 Jan 2015

2015 Blog Goals

This year I really want to get into my blog properly so I've set some goals for myself and thought I'd share them with you.
  • Post 3-4 times a week - As I've settled into my job now and got used to the hours I should hopefully be able to do this.
  • Plan posts in advance - Most of the time I either write posts the day I publish them or the day before so I'd like to plan them in advance so I'm less likely to miss uploading a post.
  • Improve photography - One of my favourite parts about blogging is the photography so I'd really like to improve my skills this year.
  • Comment more on other blogs - Due to my social anxiety I find it difficult to comment on other blogs as I don't know what to say and always worry what people think but I want to try and push myself to leave comments as it's always nice to receive feedback.
  • Be more active on social media - I'm not too good with the whole social media stuff but I'd like to get better at it and be able to promote my blog more.
  • Start making YouTube videos - I've been thinking about this for a while as I've been watching videos on YouTube for so long and it looks like it'd be really fun to do.
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