23 Mar 2015

Baking: Sprinkle Cupcakes

Since moving into my flat in November I've only just started making cakes again. I didn't have a whisk to mix the ingredients but my mum has now lent me hers until I get my own one.

Today I thought I'd make some simple cupcakes with icing and sprinkles.
4oz margarine
4oz sugar
4oz self raising flour
2 eggs
icing sugar

Preheat oven to 180°C. 
Measure out ingredients and pour into a bowl. 
Mix all ingredients together until smooth.
Scoop mixture into cases.
Put in oven for 12 minutes until lightly browned.
Leave to cool.
Mix together some icing sugar and water in a bowl until thick.
Pour icing over cupcakes and add sprinkles.


14 Mar 2015

Haul: Primark March 2015

I haven't bought anything from Primark in a while so after my last pay day I thought I'd do a little shopping. Most of the items I bought are actually pyjamas and underwear but as I spend most of my time in them they are needed.
Tea and biscuit pyjamas - £5
My Little Pony pyjamas - £8
Bunny pyjamas - £5
Bunny pyjama top - £4
Set of 3 panda socks - £2
Set of 3 cat socks - £2
Over knee panda socks - £2
Over knee navy socks - £2
Blue sparkle bra - £9
Blue sparkle knickers - £4
Black and white cat knickers - £1
Cream cat knickers - £1
Rose knickers - £1.70
Panda knickers - £1
Bunny knickers - £1
Ninja Turtle knickers - £2.50
Black off shoulder top - £2.50

Have you bought anything good from Primark lately?

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