31 Jan 2016

Video: Etsy Sticker Haul - Anxiety Aids, StickWithMe


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27 Jan 2016

Review: Primark Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon

Todays review is on the Primark Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon. Unfortunately I don't know what colour I bought as it doesn't appear to have the name or anything on the packaging, it may have been on the price label which I already removed after I bought it. 
Primark Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon (1)
The shade is a plum colour, I haven't tried many dark lipsticks so when I saw this in passing I thought I'd give it a try as it's so cheap. I like the packaging and that it has the colour of the lipstick on the lid and bottom. The colour of the lipstick actually matches quite well with the colour on the packaging.
Primark Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon (2)
Primark Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon (3)
It's quite easy to apply as it has a soft creamy formula and the colour is quite opaque. I did find it hard to get an even line though and felt that it looked a little messy round the edge of my lips. It feels really comfortable on the lips and I think it's a gorgeous colour.
Primark Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon (4)
It lasts quite well on the lips but if you rub your lips together it does become a little patchy and it wore off quite a bit after eating.

Overall I do like this lipstick and will continue to wear it as it's a lovely colour and for the price it's pretty good.

You can buy this from Primark for £2.


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10 Jan 2016

Video: Spooky Box Club November Unboxing


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8 Jan 2016

Review: Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette

Todays review is on the Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette which is the 'white' chocolate from their collection. I love the packaging of these as it looks just like a bar of chocolate, good enough to eat.
Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette (1)
Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette (2)
It includes a large mirror which is fantastic for travelling. There are 16 eyeshadows in the palette, a mixture of mattes and shimmers, they are all neutral shades, golds, bronzes, browns and nudes.
Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette (3)
Most of the eyeshadows are really pigmented, I found that Choc-fest, Tob-le-rone and Milky aren't quite as pigmented as the others so need a little building up. They all feel quite soft and buttery on the fingers.
Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette (4)
Smoothly, Divine, Mocha Lover, Dipped, Choc-fest
Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette (5)
Adorable, Buttons, Frosted Choc, Delight, Sweet Shop, Sugar
Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette (6)
Double Dip, Tob-le-rone, Wonka, Milky, Way
The shadows apply nicely and blend out really well. I found that they lasted all day on my eyes with no creasing. This is definitely a favourite palette of mine and I know I'll be using this a lot.

You can see a makeup look I created with this palette here and a video for it here.

You can buy this from Superdrug for £7.99

What are your thoughts on this palette?


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6 Jan 2016

2016 Read/Watch/Play List

At the beginning of 2015 I posted a reading list of some books I wanted to read that year, I actually only ended up reading three of the books on that list. This year I want to do the same thing but I'm going to cut down the amount of books and also include films/TV shows I want to watch and games I want to play this year.


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4 Jan 2016

Superdrug Haul

Just before Christmas I had some extra money so thought I'd get myself a little treat and popped onto the Superdrug website. Most of the products are quite recent releases that I've wanted to try out so let's get onto the haul.
Superdrug Haul (1)
Eylure Texture 117 Lashes £5.35
Eylure Texture 117 Pre Glued Lashes £5.35
I went through my eyelashes the other week and I wanted some full, fluttery ones but I didn't really have any so I bought these two. They're not as full as I'd like but we'll see once I try them on. I only noticed once they arrived that they both have the same number but they are slightly different.
Superdrug Haul (2)
Freedom Pro Brow Pommade in Auburn £5
Collection Contour Kit £2.99
I don't own any products specifically for brows and I recently saw this brow pommade come out in an auburn shade which I thought might match pretty well. I've also wanted to get some more contour products as I only have the Sleek Face Form but it's difficult to find shades light enough for my skin but this looks quite light.
Superdrug Haul (3)
Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Palette £7.99
Makeup Revolution Pink Fizz Palette £7.99
Makeup Revolution Salted Caramel Palette £7.99
Whenever Makeup Revolution come out with some new chocolate palettes I want them as the eyeshadow shades just look gorgeous and the pigmentation is amazing. I now own all 5 of their chocolate palettes.


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3 Jan 2016

Video: White Chocolate Makeup Look


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1 Jan 2016

2016 Goals

Move into a new flat - I've been in my current flat for just over a year now but it's only a studio and I'd really like to move into a one bedroom so there's more space for me and my cats.

Buy some lighting - As the British weather can be quite crappy a lot of the time I would really like to get some lighting so I can take photos and film whatever time of day.

Save money - I'm terrible at saving money, I can't help it I just love buying stuff but this year I'm going to try my best and start saving.

Start exercising and lose weight - I really want to lose some weight and I think the only way that's going to happen is if I do some exercise as I don't eat too badly. 

Upload a video every week - I just uploaded my first video to YouTube last week and I really want to keep up with it and upload at least once a week.



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