4 Jan 2016

Superdrug Haul

Just before Christmas I had some extra money so thought I'd get myself a little treat and popped onto the Superdrug website. Most of the products are quite recent releases that I've wanted to try out so let's get onto the haul.
Superdrug Haul (1)
Eylure Texture 117 Lashes £5.35
Eylure Texture 117 Pre Glued Lashes £5.35
I went through my eyelashes the other week and I wanted some full, fluttery ones but I didn't really have any so I bought these two. They're not as full as I'd like but we'll see once I try them on. I only noticed once they arrived that they both have the same number but they are slightly different.
Superdrug Haul (2)
Freedom Pro Brow Pommade in Auburn £5
Collection Contour Kit £2.99
I don't own any products specifically for brows and I recently saw this brow pommade come out in an auburn shade which I thought might match pretty well. I've also wanted to get some more contour products as I only have the Sleek Face Form but it's difficult to find shades light enough for my skin but this looks quite light.
Superdrug Haul (3)
Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Palette £7.99
Makeup Revolution Pink Fizz Palette £7.99
Makeup Revolution Salted Caramel Palette £7.99
Whenever Makeup Revolution come out with some new chocolate palettes I want them as the eyeshadow shades just look gorgeous and the pigmentation is amazing. I now own all 5 of their chocolate palettes.


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