15 Feb 2016

Birthday Pressies 2016

Today is my birthday and I am now 26 which means I'm closer to 30 than 20. I have to say I really don't feel that old though, I still feel like a teenager.

Onto the good bit, the pressies. My two main presents this year from my parents were a freezer and some Alex drawers from Ikea to put my makeup in. I haven't got photos of these as the freezer is kinda boring and I'm not getting the drawers until this weekend.
Birthday Pressies 2016 (1)
I got a few foodie gifts, some chocolate eggs, mini choc chip cookies and Lindor Strawberries and Cream which are delicious.
Birthday Pressies 2016 (2)
I do already own some headphones which I use to Skype when I play games with my family but they are wired and my mischief kitty Fudge likes to pull them out of the computer so I wanted to get some wireless ones. I added these blue ones to my Amazon wishlist and my daddy bought them for me along with a bluetooth dongle.
Birthday Pressies 2016 (3)
My dad also got me a selfie stick which will come in handy.
Birthday Pressies 2016 (5)
My lovely cousin got me a baking recipe book so I shall be trying some of these this year.
Birthday Pressies 2016 (6)
My mum and me recently saw some new dolls in Toys'r'us and they looked so pretty and cute. They are from Ever After High and my mum got me a couple of them, Kitty Cheshire and Madeline Hatter. I love their outfits and they've got really pretty hair and faces. Once I get some shelves up in my room then I'm going to put these on display. They have so many more dolls which I want to get too.
Birthday Pressies 2016 (4)


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