24 Feb 2016

Review: Freedom Pro Matte Longwear Foundation

I've always had difficulty finding a foundation that's light enough for my skin so if I find any cheap ones, I like to try them out. I bought the Freedom Pro Matte Longwear Foundation in their lightest shade 02 hoping it might match.

The packaging is quite simple and in a squeezy tube, I think it looks quite professional though considering it is a cheap brand. This foundation is a liquid formula.
Freedom Pro Matte Foundation (1)
It is a very close match to my skin but I still feel like it's slightly too dark, I could probably get away with wearing it on it's own but I may mix it with a little white foundation. Apparently this is supposed to be a matte foundation but I don't think it looks completely matte unless you powder on top of it.
Freedom Pro Matte Foundation (2)
I would say this gives a light to medium coverage on the skin. It did show up some dry patches on my skin though, I did think I had oily/combination skin but I think it might actually be a bit dehydrated so this foundation is probably not good for dry skin. I wore this all day and it stayed on pretty well except for the few dry patches that didn't look too good. I will continue to use this foundation and I'm going to start using a hydrating moisturiser to hopefully help with the dry skin.

You can buy this for £2 from Freedom.


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